Aintree Pistol Club
Aintree Pistol Club
Contact:Roger Taylor
We are a private club, built up by shooters and run by shooters. Our company name is Atlantic Leisure Ltd. In 1970 a small group of us leased the basement of a disused 1855 warehouse in Grundy Street, Liverpool. Now, through pursuing a vigorous policy of self-help and reinvestment we own the entire property and have transformed it into a first class shooting facility and one of the finest indoor ranges in the country. For those interested in modern management techniques, we have not spent a fortune on consultants to obtain ISO9000 nor win a trendy investors in people logo. Instead, we simply provide good service, good value for money and treat our staff, our members and any visitors as human beings. Kind of old-fashioned, really, but it seems to work, and the paperwork's easier.
Air Pistols, Air Rifles, Corporate Days, Rifle
Please mention Gungle when contacting the Club