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You should be aware that when you use our websites, mobile sites or apps, to improve your user experience, we may collect information using 'cookies'.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are tiny files that your computer (or mobile device / tablet) downloads when you visit a website. When you visit the website again, your web browser sends these files back to the site so it can recognise you and keep your settings, make the site run smoother, allow increased functionality and uniquely tailor the experience. Cookies cannot see what's on your computer, nor can they install programs nor viruses.

Uses for cookies fall into 4 main groups:

Essential Cookies

Certain cookies are required for you to be able to use the website correctly. Examples of essential cookie functions include:
- The website remembering what items are in your shopping bag
- Being able to stay logged into your account while browsing different pages of the website

Analytical Cookies

To keep our content up-to-date, relevant, and to be able to present our website the best we can to suit our customers desires, we like to track how traffic flows through the site. This also helps us become aware of any errors or missing pages.

This information is anonymous and the data is not read on an individual basis, we look for patterns in the statistics of all our site visitors as a group. Analytical cookies track the time spent on our site, the path taken through it and where you were referred from. These do not collect specific, personal information about you, they only detect general behaviour patterns of our customer-base as a whole.

Analytical cookies could also be used to notify affiliate sites as to where visitors were referred from. Our website may advertise products and services of another company; by clicking a link through to this third-party site, cookies can be used to track the visitors we referred and their activity.

If you choose to receive marketing emails from us we could track these to gain an idea of what our customers want to see and of any technical or compatibly issues that may be arising. The only information that is monitored is how many times you opened the email and clicked links within it and what those links were. This information can only be identified to you by data that you have previously chosen to give us and that you have already said we can use for marketing purposes. We do not use emails or cookies to collect personal information on you, the only identifying factors we have are details that you have opted to input into our website. This personal data is not shared with any other companies.

Beneficial Cookies

Some cookies allow the website to remember choices and options you may have selected, for example:
- Language selection
- Remembering if you have opted in/out of emails
- Selecting a specific mobile optimised template
- Remembering if you've previously completed forms so you're not asked to do it again
- Identifying if it's your first visit to the site, some content may only be available to regular visitors
- Keeping certain products and information you see relevant to you

Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA)

We might allow other companies to advertise on our website. In this case cookies could be used for the following examples:
- To tailor the relevance of the adverts you see
- To restrict the amount of times you see the same advertising content
- To segment our customers into groups of similar interests so we can provide a more suitable experience for you. For example, we may group all shotgun customers separately to those interested in rifles so that the content you view is of greater interest.

We could also advertise our own products and services with OBA using cookies in the way mentioned above.

An example of OBA: You may have visited a website to purchase a car and selected certain criteria - (Make, Model, Engine Size, Colour) and your computer receives a cookie from this website. If that same car company advertises on one of our websites and gives you another cookie they can recognise that you have previously visited their site and tailor advertising towards the type of vehicle that you were previously interested in.

This OBA activity does not collect personal data and uses only records of your browsing history on that specific site to adapt future content towards your interests. Cookies can only be accessed by yourself and the website that placed them on your computer (or other internet browsing device). The data collected is anonymous, even if you are logged into one of our websites.

We do not sell any of your data or information on behavioural patterns to other companies and we keep all insight we gain through the use of cookies private.

How do I opt out of Cookies?

In your browser settings you can see and delete active cookies. You can also set your browser to not allow cookies, please note that this will reduce functionality and potentially stop a website from working. Most browsers give the option to block cookies from specific websites or from third parties so you can ensure that you only except them from websites you trust.

The links below give information on cookie settings for specific web browsers.

Internet Explorer


Google Chrome

Safari OSX & iOS (iPhone)


Android Phones / Tablets

Email Marketing

Cookies used in email marketing will only effect you if you have subscribed to our email updates. To unsubscribe from our database click the link titled "Manage Your Subscription" at the bottom of any marketing email from us.

Opt out of Online Behavioural Advertising

Third party solutions are available to over-ride cookies such as those effecting OBA. Please note that these solutions are cookies themselves so if using this method you cannot also delete cookies in your browser.

Google offers its own Opt-out plugin for Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Opt out of Analytical Cookies

The only external tool we use to measure site traffic and behaviour is Google Analytics. To Opt out of Google analytics please visit

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