Corinium Clay Pigeon Shooting Club
Corinium Clay Pigeon Shooting Club, Tetbury Road
The Corinium Clay Pigeon Shooting Club was started in the 1960's and has shot at Jarvis Quarry on the Tetbury Road outside Cirencester ever since then. It shoots every other Sunday (see calendar), and you need to book in between 10.00 and 10.15 am. Guests are welcome and the Club does hold a Section 11(6) certificate from Gloucestershire Police allowing non certificate holders to shoot. They will need to be accompanied by a Club officer - which is not usually a problem as shoots are squadded - but let the secretary know, preferably before you turn up. The Club is essentially for intermediate to experienced sporting clay shooters who are certificate holders. If you have not shot before the Club recommends you have some lessons at a shooting school first. The club shoots every other Sunday
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Please mention Gungle when contacting the Club