Luton Rifle and Pistol Club
Luton Rifle and Pistol Club
The Club uses a number of ranges to cater for different discplines.Luton Rifle & Pistol Club meet on a 25m indoor range in Luton, Bedfordshire on Tuesday and Friday nights between 7.45 and 9.45 pm, to use gallery rifles in club and national (postal) competitions. Look here for the dates of our visits to Bisley and other Club activities On the indoor range in Luton we shoot gallery rifles in a wide variety of shooting disciplines: we continue to shoot the old pistol courses of "Police Pistol" and "Service Pistol" now using self-loading 22 and lever-action 357 rifles. We also shoot slowfire precision from standing and sitting positions, and we enter postal leagues for historic 22 rifles. Two nights a month we shoot muzzle-loading pistols, and once a month we shoot airweapons. The Club owns examples of all types of firearm for use by members and probationers. Once a month we book a firing point on one of the ranges at the National Shooting Centre, Bisley (near Woking) where we shoot more powerful rifles at distances up to 600yds.
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Please mention Gungle when contacting the Club